Is a Group Purchasing Organization right for you?

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Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO) have long been a focus in industries such as healthcare and construction. Now, they are making a rise in the restaurant world. Group Purchasing Organizations for restaurants facilitate the flow of data, rebates, and other communications between operators, manufacturers, and distributors. Operators benefit by receiving access to manufacturer-sponsored price discounts and rebates, insights into employee perk programs, marketing opportunities and more. But not all GPO’s are created equal and not all types of operators work well with every GPO.

So, how do you determine if your operation could benefit from the programs available as a GPO member?

baristaYou’re an independent restaurant owner

Dining Alliance is one of the nation’s largest and fastest growing Group Purchasing Organization. As such, we work with operations with anywhere from 1-10 units.  We’re here to help you navigate the growing pains and questions that come with expansion. From purchasing decisions to supply chain management, we have a wide network of resources that can help you grow successfully. And if you’re looking to stay close to your single unit, we have resources to aid you in that as well—we support all local independent operations!

You’re interested in learning about ways to save on your bottom line

One of the largest benefits of Dining Alliance is our Manufacturer Agreement Programs (MAP) which helps operators – and distributor relationships to make the most of what they’re currently buying and identify areas where they can save. If cost-savings in your restaurant are important to you, our rebates are available on everything from tomatoes to tablecloths.

Cafe worker making drinksEmployee retention is important to you

As every restaurant owner knows, hiring and retaining top talent is one of the biggest problems in the industry. In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the turnover rate for restaurants and hospitality was 72.9%! So how can you boost your retention and hiring efforts? Offering employees incentives is one way to share GPO benefits with the team. GPOs like ours have access to non-food programs like discounts on cellular service providers and high-quality shoes that your employees can take advantage of. Our added value programs offer a variety of exclusive incentives that not only save you money, but also have worth for your whole team.

You’re curious about the rise of technology in the industry

The restaurant industry is quickly joining the ranks of the technology age. Staying curious about technology will help you succeed. At Dining Alliance, we can connect you with cutting-edge technology and services, share insights into market trends, and even offer discounts on the technology that you ask for.

You’re Interested in learning more about manufacturers

With relationships with over 350+ manufacturers servicing everything from apples to zucchini bread, our GPO offers you exclusive access to rebates and samples on products your customers will love. Quarterly rebates on items you already purchase will help you save money and also give you access to other time-saving items you may not know exist. McCormick and McCain onion ring recipe - Hot honey bacon

If this sounds like you, let’s connect! We’d love to learn more about you and your operation. contact us here.