Grant Your Customers Piece-of-Mind with Price Verification

find peace with price verification

what it is:

Dining Alliance leverages our proprietary technology to verify pricing on every single line of our members’ purchasing data. We make sure that the prices that our distributor partners charge are accurate – whether the price is derived from deviations, cost-plus contracts or any other pricing method. Our systems analyze mark-up structures and contracts to ensure our members are charged the correct amount. Any overages are billed back to the distributor and paid in full to the operator. The vast majority of these discrepancies are accidents of either manual entry errors or late pricing updates. We generally see price discrepancies decrease over time as errors are corrected from the distributor side.

how it benefits you:

i. This price verification technology is much more than a distributor babysitter – in fact, it works in distributors’ advantages. Customers no longer need to worry about whether their distributors are providing the best prices or even whether they are honest or careful not to make mistakes. Our price verification service gives your clients peace-of-mind about their relationship with distributors – seriously, we’ve heard this DIRECTLY from members during our focus group research. Members have even reported that they experienced a decrease in DSR Sales Drop-ins once they switched to a Dining Alliance Distributor Partner – your competitors know that once your client is on Dining Alliance, it’s not even worth their time trying to get them to switch. Between the additional savings that the members get from their rebates and the confidence that they gain from price verification, competitor distributors have no leg to stand on when it comes to wining your existing accounts.