Global Dining Trends [INFOGRAPHIC]

Understanding what’s now, and most importantly what’s next in global dining trends can help keep your restaurants up to date, and help you drive more purchases. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the most popular spices and herbs by region that you can also use easily and effectively to boost your menu offerings. Adding these flavors into your menu is a great way to turn some of your most popular dishes into LTOs, all while staying up to date with the latest dining trends. Powered by the insights from Techmonics, we’ve created an infographic examining attitudes towards new flavors, understanding that consumer preferences are changing and uncovering all the latest up and coming flavors from around the globe.

It’s clear to see that based on this list, consumers from around the world are favoring spicy food and flavorings more and more. As this trend continues to grow, you want to make sure that you aren’t left with the same unseasoned menu. Some of the most popular and widely used herbs and spices from this list include; turmeric, curry and saffron. These herbs and spices are easy to add to a few existing dishes, or can be the inspiration for a new addition to your menu all together. Go ahead and incorporate a few of these herbs into some of your menu items, you just might be surprised by the results!

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