Game Day Catering Menu

Drive Sales Through the Endzone with a Game Day Catering Menu

Restaurant viewing parties may not be possible this sports season, but that does not mean you shouldn’t offer an option for diners to take the party home with a game day catering menu. More than 98 million people watched the big game in 2019. With dining restrictions in place this year and stadium seating basically non-existent, can you imagine how many more customers will be watching from the safety of their homes and how many of those customers will need their favorite food and drinks to fuel their stomachs while cheering on their favorite teams?

Say hello to a game changing solution and increase your to-go sales with a unique catering menu using the brands your guests know and love!

Score Big with Meal Kits

Eating for two… or 10! Meal kits can be a real money maker and seem to be a lasting trend even after the pandemic. No true football fan wants to spend time cooking all day – they want to be focused on the game and which team just scored the first touchdown. Stand out from the competition and crush your sales by creating a unique game day meal kit. Try offering a mix of fully prepared and bake at home dishes. Mix up the meaty dishes with those that are more vegetarian friendly. To give the full dine-in experience, don’t forget garnishes for trays and platters and a note for plating suggestions. Unless you want your customers to eat with their hands, include serving utensils and cutlery.

Create a unique and fun quarter-by-quarter how to guide with serving suggestions and beverage pairings.

Meal kits can increase profits and are even a great way to promote your brand.

Tackle Food and Beverage Sales with High Quality Products

As you update your menu strategy to include more menu options such as meal kits, signature menu items and even thirst quenching drinks, the importance of quality brands will become even more apparent.

When it comes to football foods, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? If you said chicken wings, you’re thinking smart! In 2019, 1.4 billion chicken wings were consumed during the big game. That’s enough to circle the earth 3 times. WHOA! That doesn’t even include all the appetizers, sides and even beverages that were consumed in the same day.

Prepare your operation for the big game with an all-star starting lineup such as:

No Water Boy Needed! Wash It Down with Cocktails To-Go

When sports fans attend a football game in person, part of the stadium experience is having a beer or cocktail with their hot dog or nachos. This game day, say no to H2O and be innovative by creating your own signature cocktail kit to-go!

With alcohol representing 20-25% of total sales for some operations, don’t risk having your alcohol sales drop just because less customers are dining in. Cocktail kits are a smart way to maximize your alcohol program and quench the thirst of sports fans after they’ve dominated a table of football food. Not only can they increase the cash coming in, they are also a great way to sell off and reduce your alcohol inventory.

Let’s not forget about the non-alcoholic beverages you can sell as well! While 22% of consumers drank more alcohol during the pandemic, roughly the same amount tried to cut back on booze. Mocktails are a great way to include the non-drinkers in your beverage to-go sales and make an easy profit for restaurant operators.

Interested in know how Dining Alliance members can get access to savings on the products needed to create the ultimate game day catering menu? Contact us today and we can get you discounts on the brands you probably use every day! Best of all, it’s FREE!