Restaurant Takeout and Delivery

Dominate Restaurant Takeout and Delivery

Restaurant takeout and delivery in the U.S. has seen a surge since COVID first reared its ugly head in early 2020.

The shift in diner behavior since the pandemic has only further validated that restaurant takeout and delivery is here to stay. Currently, 74% of U.S. adults say they order food from a restaurant at least once a month, including 25% who do so once a week and 14% more often than that.

Now more than ever it’s important to invest in high-quality protective solutions to support your takeout and delivery services. You want customers to remember your business when they are looking for a restaurant-quality meal at home.

Here are some ways to tackle takeout, dominate delivery, and ensure your customers are getting the safest off-premise dining experience.

Use The Right Disposables

Safety does not stop once the order leaves your restaurant. It’s vital you continue to protect your customers’ restaurant takeout and delivery orders from the time it leaves your operation to the moment it’s handed over to them.

Investing in the right disposables is crucial to ensure your customers order arrives safely sealed and not tampered with. Here are some solutions that guarantee orders stay safe from your kitchen to the customers doorstep.

Tamper-Proof Stickers and Bags

Using restaurant disposable solutions from Hoffmaster strengthens your commitment to health and safety. Their peel and seal tamper proof bands and stickers protect your customers’ food delivery and takeout orders. Give your customers piece of mind by placing tamper-proof solutions to takeout containers, bags, or boxes.

Another way to discourage contamination is with the Seal-2-Go Delivery System. Their permanent-closure adhesive strip is a simple to use safety benefit. You no longer have to worry about restaurant staff or delivery drivers jeopardizing your business by tampering with customers’ food.

Individually Wrapped Cutlery and Napkins

Enhanced clean disposable containers are nothing without safely protected utensils. Simple, pre-wrapped cutlery and napkins can distinguish you as an operator who cares about health safety both on and off restaurant premises.

Brand leaders such as Tork and Georgia Pacific have carefully created solutions to help you equip your takeout and delivery orders with everything your customers need to enjoy their meal in a safe way.

Make Sure Your Staff Is Practicing Good Hygiene

Not only do your disposals need protection, but so does the staff who is handling the food and deliveries. Both front-of-house and back-of-house staff should be equipped with the right tools to protect themselves and your customers.

Washing hands, using the right protective equipment, and cleaning the surfaces where food and beverages are prepared are all must do’s when handling food and beverage orders.

From hands-free soap and paper towel dispensers to hand sanitizer and PPE, we partner with top brands such as Georgia Pacific and Tork to bring you the best savings on everything you need to ensure your staff is following food safety and hygiene best practices.

Don’t Forget to Market Yor Secure Off-Premise Services

You’ve invested in all these s-afe off-premise solutions but do your customers know that? If someone does not want to dine-in but also does not want to cook at home, they may not choose your restaurant if they are not aware of your secure takeout and delivery options.

Social media is a great way to promote your takeout and delivery services. Customers are spending more time online and on social than they ever have before. By promoting your off-premise services, you can increase brand awareness and boost off-premise sales.

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