DID YOU KNOW, Tyson fully-cooked chicken benefits?

Do you know the benefits of introducing Tyson fully-cooked chicken options to your menu?

Typically, raw wings will run about $4.10 – $4.70 per serving for 10 wings. With Tyson alternatives, serving sizes require fewer pieces – 4 per order, due to higher yield and run about $1.36 – $2.32 per serving.

Tyson offers fully cooked thighs and drums to supplement or replace chicken products on menus with constant volatility, this option provides price stability and a quality product for restaurants to take pressure off wings and other chicken options.

By switching to the Tyson fully cooked options, restaurants can cut costs per serving by $3.34 – on average. This would allow a better food cost and lower overall labor.


Mango Chili Drumstick FC 10# – $18.00 – 60 pcs avg
Hot n Spicy Drumstick FC #10 – $18.00 – 60pcs avg
Fast Finish Drumstick FC #10 – $18.00 – 60pcs avg
Center Cut Thigh Fast Finish FC 10# – $29.99 – 62 pcs avg
Center Cut Thigh BBQ FC 10# – $29.99 – 62 pcs avg

Additional benefits to Tyson alternates include:
  • Supply: Plenty of available supply & pricing stability
    Unlike wings market which is very tight and prices are rising
  • Labor: Minimal; drop from frozen & toss in sauce
  • Food Safety: Fully cooked (No raw/undercooked concerns)
  • Sizing: 
    • Thighs: 2.5 oz.
    • Drums: 2.66 oz. meaty with a high fully cooked yield
  • Drums: Three varieties:
    • Chili
    • Mango
    • Hot & Spicy
  • Thighs: Two Varieties: hand trimmed
    • Sauce Ready
    • BBQ
Tyson offers a variety of benefits to operators who choose to switch to fully-cooked chicken options.