Potatoes in Your Restaurant Menu

Benefits of Incorporating Potatoes in Your Restaurant Menu

Did you know? Potatoes are on 84% of foodservice menus. If you have not added this ingredient into your dishes, then you are missing out on all the benefits it has to offer. They are more energy packed than any other popular vegetable and remains America’s favorite vegetable with 73% of respondents saying they eat potatoes at least once a week. Adding potatoes in your restaurant menu is also known to show growth across breakfast and lunch dayparts.

There are many brands you could choose from when it comes to potato products. But if you’re looking to enhance your menus with real chef-made taste without increasing your costs or labor, then Idahoan is the right choice for your operation. Their products are made from Certified 100% Real Idaho Potatoes. Not only are they real delicious but they save you both time and money.

Here are 3 ways incorporating potatoes in your restaurant menu will decrease time and cost, and increase customers returning to your operation.

Reduce Cost & Waste

As restaurants continue to reopen and close again, reducing costs has never been more important. Using cost effective solutions from Idahoan , you can provide the comfort of homemade taste without the high prices. Even as food costs continue to climb, you can use Idahoan products to create a variety of unique low cost menu items such as savory bar bites and skillet dishes.

The restaurant industry generates about 11.4 million tons of food waste annually at a cost of about $25 billion per year. This can be a constant and costly issue for operators. Idahoan products are shelf-stable so if your restaurant traffic slows, you can keep these items in your dry storage instead of having to throw out and waste fresh potatoes.

Reduce Labor

Give your customers the taste of homemade mashed potatoes – without all the peeling, cutting and cooking. What chef wants to spend hours prepping pounds of potatoes? A restaurant kitchen is a fast-paced environment and there are more important things to spend your time on than the tedious process of mashing potatoes. Gone are the days of needing your line cook to prep this guest favorite side dish. Using potatoes in your restaurant menu, such as Idahoan Real Mashed Potatoes, gives your menu items consistant fresh flavor with simple and easy prep that only takes minutes.

Maximize Your Menu with potatoes

Winter is here and outdoor dining is playing a larger part in the restaurant experience these days. Try warming up your restaurant menu with dishes like loaded potato, broccoli and cheddar soup or spicy scalloped potato soup. Need a hot breakfast item for your early birds and savvy brunch guests? How about adding a favorite like ham, egg and cheese hash brown casserole!

Don’t forget about the appetizers! They are an important part of the restaurant experience. Think of them as the first impression. These recipes are sure to be a customer favorite and are made with Idahoan products.

Get your restaurant caught up on the potato trend, and revitalize your menu with Idahoan. Best of all, Dining Alliance members get exclusive discounts and savings! Become a member today for FREE!