Are Grade #2 Avocados Better for your Dishes

Whether you’re a restaurant serving Mexican-inspired dishes or a cafe filled with Avocado BLT’s and Cobb Salads, avocado’s are most likely on your menu. In the restaurant industry avocados have become not only a staple in most menus, but a necessity to please customers.

In a recent study by the Hass Avocado Board they discovered,”Since 2002, US avocado consumption has grown 250 percent.”

Now that’s a lot of avocados.  So, in our DA101 this week, we ask the question:

Are you using the right avocados for your dishes?

  • Grade #2 Avocados are traditionally underutilized, because of a subpar quality stigma compared to grade #1
  • The outside appearance may differ slightly and show some external scarring.
  • There is no internal quality differences between the two. This does not affect the fruit itself in usage capabilities or taste

Based on the application in your operation, Grade #2 avocados could provide a savings of $2.00-$6.00 per case depending on market conditions.