An Innovative Take On Wrapped Cutlery

Dixie SmartStock® Cutlery is the smart choice for those who want to help reduce waste and improve hygiene. Cutlery dispenses one at a time from space-efficient dispensers that improve safety and guest experience.

Dixie Ultra® SmartStock® Wrapped Cutlery Dispensing System

  • Helps reduce costs, increase food safety and improve operator efficiency.
  • Break-resistant, full-size cutlery is dispensed one-at-a-time.
  • Wrapped only at the critical end, so it uses 60% less wrap than fully wrapped cutlery, helping to reduce waste and cross-contamination.
Dixie Ultra® SmartStock® Cutlery Dispensers

  • Ultimate hygienic solution and image booster.
  • Improve guest experiences by offering improved hygiene, efficiency and sustainability with innovative one-at-a-time dispensing — and even first-of-its-kind touchless cutlery dispensing.
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