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At Campbell’s, the mission is to be the partner helping you save time, manage labor, reduce back-of-house touches and ultimately delight your guests. Their full portfolio of speed-scratch solutions can help you do that, no matter the circumstances.

Each soup recipe starts at zero, then carefully and considerately add ingredient by ingredient. Soups contain:

  • No antibiotics-ever chicken meat
  • Protein, fiber, and vitamin goodness
  • Vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options
  • Frozen soups yield consistent taste and appearance every time
  • Saves time and labor – product heats directly in the pouches
Soup plays an important role on the menu
  • Soup increases the average eater check +$5.14
  • 39% of consumers look for soup on the menu
  • Soup increases consumer satisfaction +8.4% healthy options rating
To-Go Equipment & Packaging solutions

Guests turn to soup for comfort.

Here are 4 quick ways to offer comfort through delivery and to-go:

  1. Expand size offerings to include apps and family style
  2. Offer soup as a combo meal or as a side for sandwiches and salads
  3. Include seasonal soups in LTO offerings
  4. Ensure soups have descriptions or romance copy






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