Kitchen Nightmares happen, we can help you avoid them.

Do you have any kitchen horror stories?

Dining Alliance has all the program you need to avoid nightmares in your operation. From inventory management, missed calls from phone orders, to taking care of your staff members in the kitchen, we have it all.

 FoodBAM offers customers a mobile solution for placing all of their food and beverage orders in one location and managing their food inventory.

 Fattmerchant is a subscription-based merchant service provider. Monthly rates are determined on a per location volume with interchange pass through and a $0.05 per transaction.

 Humrun is a user friendly mobile app that helps restaurants manage their repairs and maintenance issues.

Ring Central clients receive VOIP telephone solutions and analytics at reduced rates. Members get 15% off monthly fees and 50% off phone ($50 handset).

 30% discount year-round on Skechers work shoes and selected corporate casual styles with many different colors and styles to choose from.

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