Restaurants use TableBoost to reduce their equipment costs by 25%

  • FREE web & mobile application for restaurant equipment management
  • Simplifies the process of managing Repairs & Maintenance and Equipment purchases
  • Continue to use your existing service providers and suppliers thru the app, but also easily find others
  • The average restaurant will save $15,000 per year using TableBoost.
  • Simple to use and takes less than 30 minutes to setup; Free implementation support

TableBoost will ensure that:

  • Emergency repairs will get done quickly,
  • You will never overpay for repairs, maintenance or equipment purchases
  • You won’t pay for things that are still under warranty
  • You should never lose revenue due to equipment failure
  • You won’t fail an inspection (Board of Health, Fire Safety, or Building)


NEW Reduced Insurance Costs

Save on your business insurance today

Using TableBoost will not only save you 25% on your equipment costs, but it will reduce your risk of loss (e.g. fires, water damage, closure due to failed HVAC, slip and falls, failed inspections…). Insurance companies love that and many are willing to give you lower rates.

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“I wish that I had TableBoost two years ago because our sprinkler system failed and the resulting damage caused us to be closed. We lost six months of revenue. We forgot, and our service provider forgot, to have our sprinkler system serviced. There is a high level of turnover at restaurants and things like this slip through the cracks.” -Tableboost Customer


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