a boost in end of year sales is as easy as pie

Sara Lee’s holiday pie program is field-proven. For over a decade it has brightened the bottom lines of institutional food service operations, with only one limitation: because in a number of programs the pies were baked-off at the unit, it required more culinary talent, staff time and oven space than many accounts had readily available. Tasteful Traditions changes that. In classic holiday spirit, it’s a pie program that everyone can feel good about.

Customers will love:

  • The convenience of getting a traditional holiday pie right from their café
  • Selection of traditional, fresh-fruit fillings to choose from
  • Praise they’ll get sharing it with family and friends.

Operators will love:

  • Incremental sales and profitability from a program that’s easier than ever to run, because all pies are delivered to the unit pre-baked!

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