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Mott’s® and DIning Alliance are teaming up to offer you huge returns on an overlooked part of every great menu. Mott’s® has been bringing the best of the orchard since 1842. Now it’s time to let Mott’s bring out the best in your kids’ menu. The Restaurant industry has been experiencing a steady growth in kids’ menu availability for the last 4 years.

And do you know the fastest growing side item is on these menus? If you guessed applesauce, you’d be correct! Parents want healthy these days. Almost 80% of parents are concerned about nutritional quality of what their children eat. Mott’s unsweetened applesauce is exactly what they’re looking for when dining out with the kids. Not to mention, there is 2 full servings of fruit in every 8oz glass of Mott’s apple juice!

Don’t be left in the dust this fall with an outdated or non-existent kids’ menu. Add the #1 brand of applesauce in the country, Mott’s, to your menu today. Fill out the form the right to request a free sample of Mott’s product offering and see for yourself the quality that Mott’s has to offer.

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As a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO), Dining Alliance’s mission is to make our members more profitable by offering them access to benefits and purchasing power that would not otherwise be available to them. GPO growth in the independent restaurant sector has increased rapidly since 2013 and data suggests that this trend should continue. As the nation’s largest GPO for Independent Restaurant Operators, Dining Alliance plays a vital role in solidifying a competitive position for local restaurants.