Ecolab is Dining Alliance’s preferred manufacturing partner for cleaning chemicals and solutions.


Ecolab provides cleaning solutions for warewashing, dishmachine leasing, food safety solutions, kitchen hygiene, front of the house, restrooms, hand hygiene, floor care, laundry, water quality management and pest elimination. Ecolab offers service and solutions that help Dining Alliance Program Participants create a customer experience that leaves a lasting impression. Ecolab is committed to creating clean, safe and efficient operations that help protect your food, facility, guests and brand.


Advantages & Benefits
  • Delight your guests – Exceed guest expectations by keeping dining rooms and facilities sparkling clean.
  • Lower your total costs – Ecolab’s innovative technologies are designed to reduce rewash; lower water and energy costs; and improve cleaning results.
  • Protect your brand – Ecolab partners with you to help deliver the highest standards with confidence.
  • Unparalleled service – Ecolab service professionals are dedicated to meeting the highest standards, providing regular and emergency service and training.
  • Innovative solutions – Ecolab’s 1000+ patented solutions are designed to be comprehensive and easy-to-use to help save you time, energy and water.
  • Industry-leading expertise – Ecolab experts design solutions that stay ahead of the regulatory curve to ensure compliance and keep your business running smoothly.

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