Save on Sara Lee® Bakery Three-for-all selection, delicious hand-held dessert bars!


Luscious Lemon Bars. Mouth-watering Blondies. Irresistibly rich Ultimate Chocolate Brownies. Everybody craves at least one of these top-selling snack/dessert bars. Some people love all three. Three-for-All brings this trio of “Must Haves” together in a single Product Portfolio that make it easier than ever to order and offer exactly what everyone is hungry for!

The handy snack/dessert bars in Three-for-All have huge consumer appeal. Technomics reports that:

  • 62% of consumers want more handheld, ready-to-eat foods
  • 54% of consumers purchase on impulse, especially when items are displayed near checkout
  • 50% of consumers who eat snacks away from home do it en-route
  • 48% of patrons eat dessert at a different location than their meal

The “All” refers to units as well–every non-commercial café, large or small, can benefit from promoting this product trio as a mix-or-match combo.

Three-for-All raises the bar

Putting this selection together yourself could take some time. For brownies, for example, there are 16 SKUs to choose from. The Three-for-All Product Portfolio cuts through the confusion. You’ll get top sellers of similarly high quality in brownies, blondies and lemon bars.

Lemon Bar



Dayparting Thoughts

Standalone dessert as well as smaller-sized trios to go? These beautiful bars cut it both ways. The to-go appeal starts at breakfast and continues throughout the day as customers plan snacks for later breaks and the trip home. Brunch is a booming daypart that presents a natural opportunity to increase check averages with this to-go offer. And, of course, this product portfolio fills the bill as a stand-alone dessert or add-on to a combo during lunch and dinner. Brownies are now on 24% of all restaurant menus, and predicted by Datassential to outperform 67% of other foods, beverages & ingredients over the next four years.


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