A tea for every occasion

Unilever Food Solutions offers a variety of well-known, high-quality tea solutions to meet all operational needs.

Whether your guests are casual tea drinkers, or searching for unique flavor blends, Unilever Food Solution can provide the right tea products for your operation.

  • Lipton
    • Lipton tea is the #1 tea brand and has the varieties that please a range of tastes. Whatever mood your guests are in, there is a Lipton tea to match.
  • Tazo
    • Tazo Teas offer unique global ingredient twists that meet guest needs any time of day. Deliciously adventurous and conveniently simple, Tazo is the highest indexing tea among young Millennials.
  • Pure Leaf
    • Every detail matters. Pure Leaf Hot Teas match the careful craftmanship of your menu. Picked, rolled, and dried using artisan methods, Pure Leaf teas allow your guests to experience the finer details of tea.

Guests are looking for drinks and menu items with unique flavors, without sacrificing health. Meet this demand with the right tea solution for your operation.
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