Barilla® Gluten Free pasta will delight your customers and have them coming back for more.

Having gluten-free options is no longer optional for foodservice operators. Now Barilla, the #1 brand of gluten-free pasta, is available in foodservice.

“We have been using the Barilla gluten free pasta since we started our business in February of 2016. We now use their elbows, penne and rotini, and make about 20,000 pasta meals a week. Our customers love our pasta dishes and comment all the time that they can’t believe it is really gluten free. Barilla’s pasta is one of the only Gluten Free pastas we tested that allowed us to achieve a true “Al Dente” texture which ensures that it eats well after reheating — a critical factor in our concept.”

-Karl Marsh, CRC
Chief Culinary Officer, Eat Fit Go


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