Idahoan® Hash browns

Customers love waking up to the flavor of hash browns made from real Idaho® potatoes. Foodservice operators love the convenience and savings they get with Idahoan® Fresh Cut Hash Browns, which can be stored dry and prepared quickly with just hot water.

Idahoan Fresh Cut Hash Brown Potatoes are cut and processed from sound, well peeled and trimmed 100% Idaho® Potatoes.


Turn more tables at breakfast. Idahoan Hash Browns are already fully cooked. After refreshing, simply brown/crisp on one side and heat through before serving crispy side up—in less than half the time of frozen or refrigerated. There’s no long thawing process either. Go from shelf to grill in ten minutes flat.


Save 20-40% over frozen or refrigerated products. You won’t pay extra to ship water. There’s no need for precious freezer or cooler space. And one case yields 57 lbs. of beautiful hash browns,
triple most other products


Nothing less than beautiful, natural hash brown shreds. Never cheapened with fillers or powder. Consistent, golden Certified 100% Idaho Potatoes, period.

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