Dining Alliance and Keurig-Dr Pepper:

Save on Bar Mixes this holiday season

Mix it up for the holidays

The good people of Dining Alliance and Keurig Dr Pepper are here to gift you the very best prices on an array of Keurig Dr Pepper premium bar mixes to help prepare your business for a busy holiday season. Customers want quality, and they know quality when they taste it. The holidays are meant for spending time with friends and family… and great cocktails. So take advantage of Dining Alliance’s contracted pricing to add premium quality cocktails to your menu, at lower costs to you. Trust us, your bottom line will thank you.

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Oh, and maybe we might send you a fun cocktail recipe too! Cheers.

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Tips To Prepare For a Busy Holiday Season

Expand Offerings

Increase customer satisfaction and spending with themed menus, specialized packages and seasonal drinks that provide an exclusive, custom experience.

Order smart and keep items on hand to avoid telling customers you’ve run out.

Increase Inventory

Simplify Procedures

Use quality mixers to eliminate guesswork, ensure quality flavor and save time.

So Who Are We?

We're Dining Alliance. It's nice to meet you!

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