Increase Customer Frequency, Maximize Deliveries and Drive Revenue with Express Orders

Are labor shortages and high costs impacting your operation and customer experience?

Dining Alliance has partnered with Express Orders to help members solve staff shortages, lower costs, increase revenue, and improve overall customer service.

Express Orders is an all-in-one solution that can help support your restaurant through a variety of services:


Delivery Services

Get customer orders delivered for just $1 with Express Orders Delivery. Your operation will have access to third-party delivery, without the high fees that come along with it, using Express Orders’ network of delivery drivers. You have the ability to leverage the driver pool of multiple third-party delivery apps, giving you and your customers a wider net to catch the closest driver and ensure your orders are delivered promptly.

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AVATR Phone Service

Maximize your orders and calls with AVATR. Do you offer takeout orders over the phone? No need to put customers on hold anymore. Through AVATR, you can enable an automated voice answering system to take orders and then text confirmations back to customers, plus AVATR will filter out any spam or non-revenue generating calls.

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Get access to a text message marketing platform to keep in contact with your customers, so you can drive repeat orders or launch eye catching specials and promotions.

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