38% of Operators Say Their Restaurant Was Not Profitable in 2023

picture of a restaurant operator stressed out from not being profitable in 2023

Struggling with profitability?  The recent State of the Restaurant Industry Report from the National Restaurant Association revealed a startling statistic: 38% of restaurant operators reported that their businesses were not profitable in 2023.   This highlights the significant challenges independent restaurants face. Fortunately, Dining Alliance offers solutions to help reduce costs and increase profitability.   […]

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How to Create the New Scratch Kitchen

Scratch Kitchen

Cost Savings in a Scratch Kitchen? Yes, it’s possible. According to a recent Restaurant Success report, future food trends for 2020 will include local sourcing, fresh produce, healthy eating, and an emphasis on authentic items. Diners, it seems, are flocking to the comfort of kitchens that serve a variety of delicious food, so long as […]

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