Hand-Deliver Rebate Checks to Your Clients

deliver great news to your clients

What it is:

Rebates are the heart of Dining Alliance’s member services program. Dining Alliance receives a data feed of all of the purchases that our members make with your distribution organization.  We analyze all of those millions of lines of data and billions of dollars of purchase data to identify where your clients’ purchases match the rebate programs from our manufacturer partners.  Every time our systems identify a purchase that matches one of our Manufacturer’s rebated product codes, we allocate a designated rebate amount to that client/member.  We then issue quarterly checks for the amount of rebates that your client has earned and send the checks directly to your house, for YOU to deliver to the customer.

How it benefits you:

Our goal is to use our rebate program to strengthen your ability to offer value and develop relationships with your clients. The Dining Alliance Rebate Program is a great way for you to help you client put money back to their bottom line and reduce item costs, without reducing your margins or volumes. Our Quarterly Rebate Checks offer Distributor Sales Reps a great opportunity to visit clients on a regular basis and deliver a check – as opposed to collecting one! The check comes complete with a detailed ‘check backup’ that provides a snapshot of your client’s business review and a breakdown of all of the items that contributed to their quarterly check. The check breakdown also gives you chance to discuss product switch opportunities with your client and hopefully pick up new cases and products that they don’t already purchase from your company.