Dining Alliance Runs Free Analysis to Help You Win Customers (Comparisons)

free savings analysis helps you win over potential customers


What it is:

Dining Alliance has a whole Analysis Team dedicated to comparing your potential customers’ existing prices to our deviated and rebated prices.  Collect invoices from your potential customer and offer them a free savings analysis to see how much they can save by switching to you as opposed to staying with your competition.

How it benefits you:

We don’t call it Power Play for nothing!  You can talk to prospects all day about your great services and prices, but there’s nothing more powerful than putting a document in the prospects’ hands that clearly shows how much money you’re going to save them compared to their current vendor.  Our Power Play report breaks down the savings line-by-line and category-by-category.  The work is all on us – all that’s left for you to do is close the deal!